Oakey Enterprises Limited Activities 2012-2013

Oakey Enterprises Limited has a successful year consolidating its position in the consultancy market of New Product Development.

The Company has had a truly international feel in the last twelve months having been engaged with both Clients and Suppliers from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, China and the USA.

The company has brought in a set of 30 Injection Mould Tools from the Hong Kong and China, revolutionising the working practices of the Client.

This feat was also made more impressive as the corresponding Hot Runner Systems were manufactured on a different continent, in the USA. The manufacturing integration of each part had carefully engineered to achieve the working solutions.

The company also designed and managed a large item of automated machinery that would provide a manufacturing output of over 7000 parts per hour. This was designed and Project Managed in a timeframe never witnessed by the Industry previously and was a fully integrated system within 5 months of its inception.

The assembly machine was manufactured by one of the leading European Groups in Switzerland, and the key to the success was the constant dialogue and innovative thinking as the project progressed.

The company was the driving force behind the launch of a new product for the international wine markets, and thus created a powerful marketing tool for international promotion.

Put in perspective the company managed to find solutions for the most severe of challenges, and managed to launch a product for the first time in a decade.

The Company has also been instrumental in providing expertise for a second product for the Food Packaging Industry, incidentally following up on the initial product that was the clients last success a decade ago when it launched a timeless design for the Danone Group.

The company has sparked interest in Turkey, Spain and Africa for its concepts and has knowledge of Product launches that is unique in Europe.

The testimonies are always in the success of the Sales and Marketing of products and Oakey Enterprises has managed to Innovate and provide timeless solutions to an industry that does not accept change easily.

The Company has produced presentations to enable the Client to manage solutions for the Large Blue Chip accounts in an efficient and timely manner, and allowed the Sales and Marketing team a valuable insight into the Complexities of Major Projects.

In 2011-2012 Oakey Enterprises has managed projects for the client worth over £5 Million, a testament to the faith the client has shown in the company and its employees.

The 2012-2013 Season sees new challenges with a focus on securing major accounts and innovations worldwide, with the likely Project Management spend to be in the £6 Million range.

A Company relies on investment providing tangible returns, and this is where Oakey Enterprises has managed to deliver.

When you have a problem and a solution is needed then Oakey Enterprises Limited is the perfect partner for your business.

(c) Oakey Enterprises 2017