Viniflow Challenge

When approached to manage the Project it was evident that the status of the proposed design needed a great deal of attention and a re-evaluation, the proposed solution did not meet the customer needs.

Conventional Tooling from the European Suppliers had unrealistic lead times for the product launch dates and they were also not in a position to compromise, thus adding to the difficulties.

The purchase of an automatic assembly machine in a five-month timeframe was also daunting for the supplier
as it pushed the supply chain to the limit and had very rarely been achieved, it was after all a blue sky development.

New Moulding machines had to be ordered and integrated into the main scheme Manufacturing Cells needed to be created
A logistics plan had to be implemented to ensure customer supplies, this was a product that needed a rapid introduction to the market,
and would counteract the commercial pressures of competitors.

A hand assembly cell needed to be implemented at short notice as an interim measure, which entailed the design and development of a series of Jigs and fixtures and an automated test facility.

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