Automated Assembly

Synopsis- Automated Assembly and Test Experience.

With experience of Product launches throughout Europe and the Americas, Mark Hall has the knowledge and the application for dealing with very complex assembly issues and delivering solution via internationally recognised Suppliers.

In being successful in delivering some very Complex Product Designs in modern Manufacturing it is also vital to be able to ensure that each component is suitable for assembly utilising automated techniques.

Advanced automation techniques have been employed in all design solutions created by Mark Hall, with innovative methods of detection, test and validation employed to create robust and reliable solutions.

The design of the assembly is paramount to production success with target volumes of 3600 parts per hour targeted, specialist equipment is designed to achieve this rate that not only delivers the goods but are self-contained, reliable and durable.

The latest camera technology is integrated and able to sort the most complex shaped engineering parts and able to scan and orientate goods to achieve seamless solutions.

Integral test stations are included which perform Pressure tests and collect complex data streams to produce statistical analysis of product performance that is key to producing cost effective products that are 100% inspected.

Achieving solutions is not a simple task and each stage of the process is validated by prototype tooling that enables the client to ensure the correct processes and procedures are in place prior to committing to spending on the high volume solution.

Mark Hall has vast experience of producing innovative solutions from mere concepts.

In carefully employing a four stage process:

1. Concept

2. Feasibility

3. Development

4. Implementation

Design proposals are taken in a logical and progressive manner to achieve a solution that the customer is delighted with as it fulfils their demanding requirements.

There are few individuals that can claim to meet this criteria, but the proof or the success is out there for all to see in the modern manufacturing environment.

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